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Printing with Our DI Machine
The Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-DI represents the very latest in computer-to-print technology, shortening the conventional printing process significantly. This five-colour machine, with extended delivery and an in-built coating unit is the showpiece of our DI press floor based in Pandan Indah and has many advantages compared to its conventional counterparts. Laser heads mounted on each of the printing units allow simultaneous imaging of up to five plates, which translates to very short set-up times.

The user-friendly CP2000 control panel allows our skilled print operators to have unprecendented control over various printing aspects, to give you unsurpassed quality. The SM74-DI also contains all the latest printing innovations of Heidelberg, Germany, the world's largest press machine manufacturer, to produce highly efficient, high quality printing all the time.

  • Printing speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • 20 minutes Changeover Time between jobs
  • Direct Imaging onto Plate, no film necessary
  • Automatic Wash-up
  • Auto-Register

  • 5 Colour printing with perfecting
  • Water based coating
  • Prints at a standard 200 lines per inch
  • Maximum screen ruling of 225 lines per inch
  • Stochastic printing

Value added Services:
  • Problem solving and creative input on all kinds of printed media
  • Efficient and fast customer service
  • FTP facilities
  • Round-the-clock operations

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